New Audiosurf announced + Beta signup

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Really happy to hear a new Audiosurf game coming out. I really enjoyed the first one when it released then played bits of it here and there. I'm personally hoping for a ton of new visual effects to make riding the music even more satisfying. Anyone interested?

As a side commentary, I wonder what new modes they will have if any since you aren't controlling a vehicle now from the looks of it. Also I wonder if the gameplay will change a bit though of course it looks like it will still have that rapid tetris-style gameplay of matching block colours together.

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I love me some Audiosurf. I still ride every new album I get, eventhough the effects are no longer that interesting to look at.

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Already signed up. Audiosurf was the first game I bought directly from Steam. I played a lot of game which is funny because I normally don't listen much to music.

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Just signed up; thanks for the link. Color me interested, though I was never good enough at Audiosurf to play anything other than Ninja Mono. Beat Hazard won out for me in the Great Steam Indie Music Game War of 2008-2009.

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Yay! I was getting a bit tired of Audiosurf, and this could be a much-needed refreshment.

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Awesome, really liked Audiosurf.

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Looks kinda cool but also way different. I'd love to see it find new ways to decipher the music and use it as gameplay.

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Hot damn, i hope it's good. The original is awesome.

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See existing thread in the Audiosurf Air forum.
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@LordAndrew said:

See existing thread in the Audiosurf Air forum.


Thanks for that dude. I can't believe I did not see this so my apologies. Well at least it reminded people of it but hey it's up to the mods to decide what to do here.

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More Audiosurf is a good thing.

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Signed up in a heartbeat!

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Thanks for the heads up. It looks great.

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Sign-up get!

Audiosurf is like Half-Life 2 in that I'll play it twice a year without fail for like 20 hours straight then completely forget it exists for six months.

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