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A wonderful way to experience music 1

 As a game, Audiosurf is quite neat and reminds me of some classic puzzle games such as Klax. Yet, the crux of the game is the ability to load in your own MP3 (or listen to the in-game radio) and let the game build the levels around the music, by analyzing the waveform structure. Throw in some fancy graphics and effects, colours and sounds and you practically "ride" your music. Obviously, some songs work better than others, beat-heavy games have a much more visibly impact on the level (track). S...

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A New Meaning to Rhythm Game 8

   Audiosurf is a game for anyone who enjoys listening to music and playing video games, especially those who do both simultaneously.  At first glance, the game appears to be just a puzzle game where the player controls a vehicle and rides along a track filled with colored blocks that must be captured and formed into groups of three or more to score points.  The thing that separates this game from anything else on the market is the great concept behind it.   Audiosurf is a music game where you d...

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Still the Best "Play Your Music" Game Out There 0

Audiosurf might be the first game I bought on Steam...I've owned it for so long that I can't really remember.What I do know is that, despite the fact that I have owned the game for years, I still come back to it over and over again. Everytime I pick up a new song I like, I know that sooner or later I am going to load it up in Audiosurf and play it. It's easy to use song browser, the fact that you don't have to scan your entire music library like many other "play your music" games, and the class...

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If you have enough music, Audiosurf is for you. 0

If you have a highly developed and varied taste in music, then Audiosurf just might be the perfect game for you. The small, web-based indie developer "BestGameEver", despite having one of the worst and most clichéd company names ever, have managed to craft something which is psychedelically unique in its own special way. For a mere $10 (or just over £5 including tax) across Steam, you get a game which has a practically infinite number of variations to play through, and coupled with this massive ...

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A nice toy, but not really a full game 0

Audiosurf is a game that takes either mp3's on your computer, or music from internet radio sites, and translates them for you into a track of varying obstacles and speed. You can choose different levels of difficulty and different ships in order to change the gameplay. In each track, you collect varying colors of blocks, with larger clusters gaining more points.While this idea sounds good in theory, in practice it boils down to a fairly repetitive and shallow game. The rhythm and speed of any pa...

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Psychedelic gaming - An Audiosurf story 0

Lots and lots of different colors are flashing over the screen whilst [insert name of any song you want to hear, and I'm not kidding: ANY] is booming out of your speakers. Maneuver your little spaceship between the panels and match the colors after which game mode you're currently playing. Audiosurf is a game that's well worth your money. This game is for everyone who likes music basically. The gameplay itself can only be compared to F-Zero or WipEout. You've got a space-vechile of some sort, an...

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A lot of gameplay for your buck. 0

The Concept: This game can legitimately be considered the father of the modern generation of Custom Music Games. Distributed through Steam, the game uses your music to generate a “road” with various colored blocks on it, with the color based on the intensity of the music and different colored blocks having different point values. You need to fill up a “meter” by hitting colored blocks and getting them to match in the main gameplay modes (with different “characters” having different special a...

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Dude... Audiosurf! 0

There is a demo out for a reasonably recent game called Audiosurf on Steam at the moment. I bought this game simply because of Jeff Gerstmann's (Giant Bomb) various quotes during podcasts, "Dude, Audiosurf is awesome!" He is totally right.While the game lacks a direct story mode or anything the reason is because the music library that the game uses, is your music library. Audiosurf is a game that will never suffer from people wishing these songs or those artists were in the game. The idea of the...

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Lucy in the sky with WinDows 0

My evenings run on a frighteningly consistent schedule: everyone else goes to sleep, I check news and email, then play videogames until I go to bed. It's a sad, nerdy bit of clockwork but it serves me well and is rarely interrupted. Last week, after the purchase of a new computer, I was browsing through Steam while re-downloading Trackmania and came across Audiosurf. Having never heard of it I downloaded the demo. In five minutes my wallet was out. Two hours later I came out of a trance, eyes dr...

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Audiosurfin' 0

Audiosurf is a game that allows you to choose any song ever (as long as it is on your computer) and maps it out as a track that you "surf" on.  The track speeds up and slows down along with the tempo. The more intense parts are harder as well.There are quite a few game modes separated by basically easy/medium/hard. My preferred mode would have to be the Mono modes because frankly, they're the least complex and the easiest to get used to. The game is as hard or as easy as you want it to be. You c...

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Great Indie Title 0

With the recent outbreak of rhythm games in the past 5 years, many of the games feel like the same game you bought not too long ago repackaged. Audiosurf doesn't feel that way at all. The soundtrack is no where limited at all.You can import tracks and the game will add tiles in rhythm with the song. That's pretty impressive. Your high scores are no longer a secret either like in Guitar Hero. Audiosurf has online leaderboards for every song imaginable.With a creative title this well built and the...

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Audiosurf Insanity! 0

This game is a perfect combination of music and Video Games, it's customizable features and multiple characters with different outstanding traits. Have a favorite song? Favorite artist? Play it to Audiosurf! The ships will have as much fun as you will! The best part is the difficulty levels, you can go from casual up to the ultimate challenge that is Pro difficulty on Ironmode, one hit on Ironmode, and you lose the song.  I've played so many hours of this it isn't even funny. ...

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Audiosurf PC 0

Audiosurf developed by Best Game Ever Studios and found on the Steam download service is a visually enthralling game that will send your mind into chaos. Audiosurf combines rhythm and puzzle games into a hybrid that is fun and addicting. The premise is to pilot one of many spaceships' and crash into colored blocks to make color combos. The more blocks you can string together the bigger the combo and more points will be accumulated. Audiosurf takes any music track on your computer and analyzes it...

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Digitel surfers 0

Audio surf is a game where you collect colored blocks to get points, sounds boring right? well, it's all. The game isent just collecting colored blocks...OK it is, but your collecting them along to the beat of music. Yeah yeah, boring techno music you listen to 5 times and throw away right? nope, its your own music! Y up, you pick any song you have on your pc and the game generates a unique track made just for that song. Depending the the intensity of the song and speed it can be slow a...

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Audiosurf! 0

Audiosurf Developer: Invisible Handlebar Release Date: February, 15, 2008 Distribution Method: Steam (VALVe's Online Game Store) Price: $9.99 Website: Game Information: Audiosurf is a Rhythm/Puzzle game, with most Rhythm games music is involved, but here's the catch, you can play ANY music you have on your computer in Audiosurf. Audiosurf randomly generates a path / puzzle for each song you play (the path / puzzle is the same for the song after that). Gameplay: I...

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Is that an LSD relapse? No, that's Audiosurf 0

Audiosurf is a game in which you control a craft, racing along a track created by a song of your choosing. It is a media player cum puzzle game. The game creates a track based on any song in your collection or, if you choose, you can play songs from a CD. The game also comes with the soundtrack to Valve's The Orange Box, including the legendary "Still Alive" the end song from Portal, by Jonathon Coulton. In addition to this, there is a feature called "Audiosurf Radio" which allows you to play fe...

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