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Auto Destruct is a mission-based driving game released for the PlaySation in January of 1998. You play as a driver, named Booth, whose entire family was killed by a terrorist cult. An organization, called Temple, supplies you with a sports car that can shoot weapons to help stop the cult from causing more carnage in a near-future San Francisco.


The gameplay in Auto Destruct is similar to other mission-based driving games. You carry out tasks like blowing up enemy vehicles and transporting people and objects from one location to another. As you drive, you lose fuel, so there are stations in the game where you can stop and fill up and repair damage done to your car. Ammunition for your weapons are refilled by police helicopters that drop off ammo while you're driving. There are  three cities in Auto Destruct and a total of 25 missions to play through.


Auto Destruct received mixed reviews among critics with GameSpot giving it a 4.4 (poor), calling it "an anal retentive action-adventure". Electronic Gaming Monthly gave it a more positive response, scoring the game an average of 7.25 out of 10. IGN gave it a 6 out of 10.

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