Best deploy-able sentry gun? (multiplayer)

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Borderlands soldier sentry gun.

#3 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

TF2 all the way.

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Which multiplayer game has the best deploy-able sentry gun? 
Mine would be Team Fortress 2, the sentry serves as a main, staple mechanic for the game.
List other multiplayer games you can think, too.

#6 Posted by secretagent099 (130 posts) -

Definitely TF2. A well placed level 3 sentry in that game can change the tide of battle. Especially in a capture the flag mode in 2Fort, without sentries on that map, things would be chaotic.
Killzone 2, did it fairly well, but they weren't effective and not too memorable either.
MW2, well lets just say the turrets in that game are pointless.

#7 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -

Without playing TF2 I am still going to take a wild guess and vote for this game. As secretagent099 said, they're a staple mechanic of the game. For that reason I'd have to guess that they're well polished as a feature, and work well enough to be worthwhile.

#8 Posted by SSully (4610 posts) -

TF2. The sentry guns in both killzone 2 and MW2 are awful. 

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