Avatar Awards To Encourage XBLA Purchases?

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Has anybody else noticed that XBLA games seem more likely to have awards (and good ones) than full retail titles?  A higher percentage of them have rewards for sure.  Big games are catching on with Red Dead Redemption, Blur, and Left 4 Dead 2 offering them.  But those are huge games, and then you have a piddling title like Aqua which has a really cool looking suit in it.  I think this makes sense.   If you consider they reward for any game purchase, the $60 you spend on a full release gets  you a potential 1000 gamerscore and a game.  The price of an XBLA title has gone up from $5 at launch to $10-$20, but they still only give 250 GS.  People were going to buy RDR whether or not you got a sombrero from it, in fact the fans of the game would likely pay extra in the Avatar Marketplace for one.  But how many fans of Aqua are willing to show it by buying a $4 suit?  
I think the bigger question is really, who is behind the avataring of XBLA games.  Is it MS pushing developers to have them or are developers pushing them to improve value?  I still don't understand why there isn't more publicity for the XBLA games though.  Putting in an Avatar Award doesn't do much good if you don't go out and tell somebody. 

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