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Avatar Fighter is a 2D fighter developed by Indie company BWOOT GAMES. It plays as a sort of Mortal Kombat meets Street Fighter, in both playstyle and presentation. There are 6 playable characters, as well as your own avatar. The characters are Avatar Fighter's versions of old favorites from classic fighters. Combos are relatively easy to execute, and the game works well at getting those new to fighting games into the genre. Avatar Fighter was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on March 20th, 2011. 6 months later, on the 21 of September, an online version of the game with 2 new characters and a brand new training/tutorial mode was released.


The characters in this game are all tributes of characters from other fighters (mainly Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter). The avarar version of you's movelist is any combination of the other character's special moves and supers, as well as one of their fighting styles.

Ryan: The Ryu of Avatar fighter, complete with a fireball, rising uppercut, and super fireball. Also he's dressed up like Abraham Lincoln for some reason.

Bill: The grappler character. He gets in with a powerful shoulder tackle and finishes you off with a bone-crushing super throw. Don't mess with this old man.

Alex: The Kung Fu master. His thrust sidekick packs a punch and his diving kick is perfect for confusing the opponent.

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