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Hey cool, an entry for one of my games! :)

Ryan is dressed as Abe Lincoln cuz I thought it'd be a funny tribute to the Bombcast (/trivia)

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Uuuuuh, okay.

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Then we have to change it from "for some reason" to "because Lincoln Force."

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I like it. I'm especially a fan of the combo potential that this game offers. It's what keeps me coming back! Though as a little criticism, the ''custom combo'' super is a little cheap. It's very easy to shave off half or even all of your opponent's health by hammering on the hard punch button. I would think that a little damage scaling is in order. 

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@M_33: Yeah I've heard that a few times now and will nerf it in an update. For the record there is damage scaling but it reduces to a minimum of 1 pt- I'll just make that 0.5 or so and reduce the overall damage while in custom combo by a bit.

Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated!

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