I just bought Avatar BE

#1 Posted by Bigvic785 (123 posts) -

 Alright today I bought Avatar BE, and I've been thinking. Have I crossed the line into full born achievement whore? I have always been somewhat of a completionist, but every game I have ever bought was for my personal enjoyment and has had nothing to do with achievements, but today I saw Avatar BE on ebay for just $7. I just couldn't resist it. I realize I could make a small profit by buying the game and reselling it. I would make $5; probably not even worth the effort. I don't know if its the the deal and the business that got me to purchase this game or the straight achievement whore in me. My mind set during the purchase was I could buy this game get an easy 1000 and make a little money.
Have I crossed the echelon into achievement whore or does the deal exempt me from this classification? May God help my weak weak soul.

#2 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

Enjoy the S rank on Giant Bomb in 10 minutes.  Hopefully give the story a shot...

#3 Posted by CynicalRodent (125 posts) -

Huh... Well, I would say you are a terrible person and you should feel terrible, but I downloaded that Doritos game just for the points so I suppose I'm no better.

#4 Posted by Bigvic785 (123 posts) -
@CynicalRodent: You didn't actively spend money on Dash for Destruction so that makes me the scum of the world and you a saint. But I am going to make a profit, but what was I doing looking at Avatar in the first place? AHHHHHHHHHH I am a terrible person.
#5 Posted by CynicalRodent (125 posts) -
@Bigvic785: No, you see at least you're making money from this.  I just wasted time to get magic do-nothing points. You know what, let us both agree that we are terrible people.  Also I'm renting Two Worlds right now because I wanted to.  : |
#6 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

Vic, I'm afraid that we can no longer play video games together.  You've just gone too far.  =  P 
However, I have an S rank in Terminator Salvation...so I guess we could call this even.  Just don't do it again. 
Also, Doritos Dash of Destruction is a free game to download.  At least...it was when all of us downloaded it and got an S rank on it.  = D  I still contest, however, that the game could've been an incredible little game if some more budget and time were given to it.

#7 Posted by DerekDanahy (869 posts) -

I had about 30 minutes of fun with the Doritos game I didn't think it was bad for being free.

#8 Posted by CynicalRodent (125 posts) -

The thing that bothered me about it was not the quality of the game.  It was just that I knew the only reason I downloaded was for the easy points.  I will admit though, I did have quite a bit more fun with it than I thought I would.

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