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Aventuras AD was one of the most popular Spanish game developers of its time. The company began in 1987 as a team split off from Dinamic Software, another large Spanish developer. The first product they released was actual a pen and paper game ruleset, called PAWS. The first game they released was La Aventura Original, which was a Spanish adaptation of Colossal Cave Adventure.

Many of the company's games were in a genre called "aventura conversacional"(literally: conversational adventure) in Spain. The games were all text adventures, where a significant part of the screen was taken up by static images, used to describe the scene the game was taking place in. In the early 90s, Aventuras AD put out its very popular Ci-U-Than Legends trilogy. At the same time, the company began to branch out and created a menu-driven graphical adventure game called La Aventura Espacial, as a response to the cratering sales of Spanish developed games which were becoming seen as outdated.

Aventuras AD, along with many game developers in Spain at the time, went bankrupt in 1992. As 16-bit systems were dominating the market, Spanish developers were too slow to adapt and the last games they created on then-outdated platforms led to their demise.

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