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Ghost Eye as his call sign is known as, is an AWACS aircraft crewman that throughout most of the game is present in the airspace to give the player guidance, mission objectives, updates and recon an area on a much wider scale than that which the player is normally able to detect with their own plane systems. 
Ghost Eye's job is to keep the pilots informed so that they may stay alive during the battle with the intelligence fed to them by radio and updating of their radar. Though he is not so much as robotic and rigid as his job would possibly hint at, he does have an over-the-radio relationship as a trusty friend on the battlefield to Talisman and Shamrock, as well as other pilots and forces present.
He will at times argue at the choices which are taken by the player forcebly due to the linear gameplay plot where for example, it would be the plot that the player joins this faction regardless of their opinion. Ghost Eye is sometimes the voice of reason when other pilots cannot comprehend a situation or become so focused on the smaller details of the war to the point where it is interfering with mission performance.
Ghost Eye has links to ground forces and often relays information between pilots and ground forces in order to boost mission performance and increase the effectiveness of attacks. Through this it is possible to get very frequently updated information from Ghost Eye.
Shamrock describes Ghost Eye as somebody who would make a scary mother for his seeming authority on the battlefield.

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