Achievement/Trophy name references!

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Given that I was born in 1982, I immediately got the whole Saturday morning cartoon vibe and references this game is practically filled to the brim with. But for those out there who may have never heard of a lot of these 80's/Early 90's cartoons this may clear a few things up with the references in the Achievement/Trophy list. I know some of these things are still around today obviously thanks to reboots and the like but there are a good number of obscure ones that I'm sure are before the time of some folks here.

Awesomenauts, roll out! - Transformers

Bionic family - Bionic Six

Hawk, wolf, puma and bear - Bravestarr

In pole position - Pole Position

Let our powers combine! - Captain Planet

Master of the Universe! - He-Man

Party at Sky Vault - The Centurions

Silmer's evil twin - The Real Ghostbusters

T-U-R-R-E-T powah! - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thunder, thunder, thunder! - Thundercats

Wings of Silver - Silver Hawks

Yoooo JOE! - G.I. Joe

I was thinking of posting videos of the various shows here but that'd be way too much so if you like go look up some videos on these cartoons and you'll even notice some of the inspiration that was used in the Awesomenauts own Intro.

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I love that in sometime,somewhere someone thought that naming a cartoon series pole position was a good idea.

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@Smokay: To my understanding, Pole Position was a cartoon made following the success of the popular 1980's arcade game of the same name. Looking at the show's intro and the game itself you could easily see they probably have nothing in common but you have to remember this is the same era that gave us a cartoon about Pac-man where he fights some kind of ghost overlord... yeah.

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