Any Awesomenauts players here?

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So I've tried playing Dota 2, but I just do not have the time to invest to be any good at that game. So instead I have turned to Awesomenauts on Steam. For me it is the MOBA that has taught me how to play MOBA's. I thoroughly enjoy it and find the 3 vs 3 much more manageable.

Anyway I'm looking for people to play with! With the new expansion just around the corner I'm looking for some people to coordinate with and have some fun.

My steam user is : vivekrughani

Feel free to add me.

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gonna bump this seeing as the new expansion is out and it was on sale over xmas!

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Bought it but have yet to play it. Waiting to get my pc later this month. Feel free to add me on steam: BBOYS2231

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