Anyone willing to help me learn the ropes/get some trophies?

#1 Posted by Silver-Streak (1568 posts) -

So I got this from PSN+, and while I enjoy it, like most MOBAs, I'm kinda terrible if I'm not playing with people who actually want to work together.

Sadly, either it's because they're not using voice chat, or I wasn't expected, I've not really been able to group up with anyone but lone wolves.

Is anyone still playing this on PS3, and would be willing to group up and attempt a few of the trophies? Mostly, the winning the match ones?

I don't start work again until next week, so if anyone has interest for sometime this week, respond here and I can PM my PSNID. (I got a ton of spam last time I listed my PSNID in the forums, sadly, so I edited it out of the offending post and now only send it by PM.)

#2 Posted by MAST (873 posts) -

You can add me. I got it with PSN+ also, but am just now getting around to playing it. I played it all day today, and there seems to still be a healthy number of people playing it.


#3 Posted by Azteris (824 posts) -

You can add me as well, my PSN is the same as my username.

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