Awesomenauts Rendezvous

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After looking around at the (short) list of threads in the forum and not seeing one with a collaboration of players, I felt the need to make this one. I love Awesomenauts, and have put about 7-8 hours into it in the past day or two. It's an incredibly fun game, but like most competitive fighters, pre-mades are the way to go. If you would like to be sent a friend quest on Xbox Live or Steam (PS3 as well if it's on there) please post your username and platform of choice here! I will gather them up into this original post every time I get the chance - and hopefully we can get some Bombers together to win some battles.

Also, f**k Leon.

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User: Komikazee Platform: XBOX I've played the demo and really want to get into this game. I just hope that it'll be active for a long time. So that being said, I know the basics of the game and am not that great yet... you've been warned LOL

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