You Probably Won't Be Playing Awesomenauts This Week [UPDATED: Yes You Will]

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#51 Posted by VincentVendetta (353 posts) -

Wow... that sucks.

Now I totally wanna play that game!

#52 Posted by Nakiro (80 posts) -

PSN version is still coming and still free for Plus members.
So glad I have Plus.

#53 Posted by samred (13 posts) -

Developer has confirmed to the press that the XBLA edition will release as scheduled, as well. I just got this e-mail from Jasper at Ronimo:

"Good news, Awesomenauts will launch as planned on both PSN and XBLA! So there's no problem in publishing a review."

#54 Posted by MetalBaofu (1471 posts) -

Glad to hear that it is actually going to make it out this week. I just signed up for PS plus for the first time a couple days ago, and was interested in checking Awesomenauts out.

#55 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

I hope the games' good now, after all this. It looks fun, and has a great attitude, but Ronimo's last game - Swords and Soldiers - did not float my boat, so to speak.

#56 Posted by Dryker (580 posts) -

although I occasionally like Alex's flights of word-smithery, as a whole his articles are usually a bit cloying. This one was refreshingly curt; but still brisk and exciting. I don't know why I'm even bothering to comment on this. Anyways, good day.

#57 Posted by Solh0und (1950 posts) -

@Nakiro said:

PSN version is still coming and still free for Plus members. So glad I have Plus.


#58 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2704 posts) -

I don't even know what this is, but "free for PSN Plus subscribers" means I will soon.

#59 Posted by jasondesante (617 posts) -

Holy shit PSN+ is the greatest.

Anyone want to defend their xbox live gold account still? any sad people still paying for that abomination?

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