Anybody try this?

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I already downloaded Sam & Max season 2 today, but just checked out the trial for this game.
It's a really artsy point and click game from 2K games.
I had alot of fun with the first 3 chapters it lets you play, think I might purchase the full game.
Anybody else give this a shot?

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I'm wondering what others think as well, however, I'm going to download the demo now.

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I love the art style of the game, the gameplay is pretty simplistic though. 
Edit: That being said, I really do enjoy the game. I purchased it last night and hope to play it when I get home.

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I played through the demo.  I thought the music was really nice.  I have a thing for ambient emotional tunes.  It really adds to the feel of the game.  I'm really thinking about purchasing it.  And the gameplay is very simplistic as FlamingHobo said.

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I've fallen in love with the game, but collecting all the bones on the balloon level is a bitch.

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I played this at PAX and it was awesome, I'm looking forward to downloading this in the immediate future.

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I ended up buying tonight! Such a nice game!  Maybe we can post some tips on finding the bones here?  There are not so many resources for this game online.  The music is relaxing and good!!

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The game is very cool, and I love the artstyle. The only problem I had, is that it's pretty short, and easy to beat. I think i completed it in 2 - 2 ½ hours, but those hours was well spent. I would say buy, because it's a very awesome game. Even though the character (Axel) says nothing, he is still a very charismatic (?) person. Definetely worth the 800MSP, and these games should be suported ^^

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I like the whole feel of the game, but after playing through the Demo i'm not sure i want to purchase the whole game

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Just popped my review up. I loved it! 

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@atheistium said:
" Just popped my review up. I loved it!  "
Very informative review, this has pretty much slipped under my radar until seeing the quick look but it looks very charming and would be a nice change of pace from the action heavy recent releases, I'll need to grab the trial and give it try.
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Im not sure if its my type of game being very slow paced, but I will say that the look of it I really love regardless. The way Axel talks, and just the way the world looks as a whole, the game looks beautiful.

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Vinny did

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