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If you hear the music for getting a star in Mario Party 5, then you have heard the composition of  Aya Tanaka. She is the only composer who can write the music for the game including: Dream Party, (title screen music), The Star is Yours! (getting a star), Midday Showdown (duel minigames), and the Piranha Ballad, Metal, and Swing (Pop-star Piranhas).  Here are the songs that she did in Mario Party 5

Songs In Mario Party 5

Song NameAppears In
 Dream Party  Title Screen
 Who's First Announcing the Winner of a Party Mode game
 Happy Seafloor Undersea Dream
 Card Party! Card Party
 An Adventurer Pirate Dream
 Midday Showdown Duel Minigames
 Bad Bowser Castle Bowser Minigames
 The Star is Yours! When you get a star
 End of Bowser's Dream End of the Frightmare Minigame
 A Bit of Happiness Doubles
 Battle Wasteland Intro to some Duel Minigames
 Everybody's Dream Credits
 Piranha Metal/Ballad/Swing Pop-Star Piranhas
 Dream Finale End of a Party Mode/Card Party game
 Chain Chomp Rage Chain Chomp's service
 Doubtful Chance Chance Time
 Confusion When you get a Ztar star in Card Party
 Did It! Mini-Game When you win a minigame
 Sign Attack Mini-Game Wars
 A Lot of Happiness Triples
 Cheerful Studio Intro to Mathlethes/Beginning of a Special Turn in Mini-Game Wars

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