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Ayako attends the same school as Shirou, Rin, Shinji, Issei, Taiga, and Kuzuki. She is the captain of the school's archery club. Shinji is the vice-captain of the archery club but she dislikes him because he often bullies the juniors of the club.

Ayako is a long time good friend of Rin and they are competing to get a boyfriend.

Fate/Stay Night

Unlimited Blade Works

Taiga called Shirou to deliver lunch to her at the archery dojo. Saber followed Shirou to school and she met Ayako.

Kuzuki reported to Issei that Ayako was missing and she was last seen with Shinji. When Shirou confronted Shinji, he denied being involved in it. Instead, he claimed that he found Ayako victimized by someone else and he started the rumor about her.

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