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Ayonae Ro 
Ayonae Ro 
Ayonae Ro is a sub-deity among the pantheon.  She was manifested by Druzzil Ro, the goddess of magic, for the purpose of creating music to ease the pain and troubles of mortals.  The Maestra, as she's often referred to by the bards of the world, grew to develop powers and distinct personality of her own.  Druzzil eventually used a fraction of her power to create a realm for her daughter, the Plane of Music.  Ayonae can inspire any mortal through her songs as well as mold and shape the appearance of her realm much like her mother can with the Plane of Magic.

During the Age of Turmoil, Ayonae Ro's realm was invaded by a new god, Mayong Mistmoore.  He corrupted every corner of the realm into cesspool and renamed it the Theater of Blood.  The gods quickly took notice of this imminent threat to the balance of power among the pantheon, and thusly returned their attention to the mortals of Norrath for the first time since the invasion of the Planes of Power.  Several gods opened their planes to the adventurers of Norrath in an attempt to prepare them for an assault on Mayong Mistmoore.  Ayonae's mother, Druzzil Ro, was integral to this reclamation of the Plane of Music.  Ayonae was trapped and corrupted herself by Mayong's overwhelming power.  Being not herself, she fought the mortals that invaded her once beautiful tower.  Upon her defeat, the curse was lifted and she was able to establish order to her realm.


The Plane of Music 
The Plane of Music 
In most lore, Ayonae Ro is depicted as a beautiful, young woman with dark, braided hair.  She wears a cloaked robe and carries a harp to accompany her unmatched singing voice.  During the Age of Turmoil, the Matron of Music manifested herself without the traditional cloak, instead bearing bronze wings and a matching gown.

Among the Pantheon

Ayonae Ro is considered to be neutral among the pantheon of gods.  She is the daughter of Druzzil Ro, the niece of Solusek Ro, and granddaughter of Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire.  She is among many gods who have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.

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