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Azarbad the Great was introduced to the game in May 2007. On English oceans he is captain of the crew Flame of Might and king of the flag All-Consuming Flame. On the Opal Ocean he is called Azarbad der Große, is captain of the crew Flamme der Macht and is king of the flag Das alles verzehrende Feuer. On the Jade Ocean he is called Azarbad el Grande, is captain of the crew Llama de poder and is king of the flag La Llama que Todo lo Consume.  
The males of his crew wear unique turbans and the females of his crew wear ornate headdresses. His symbol is a circle ablaze with fire. His crew use more dhows, baghlahs and xebecs than most and many of his ships have flame-themed names. He can only be fought in a swordfight and upon defeating him the victors will receive one of four trinkets: an Exotic Confection, a Jeweled Dagger, an Ornate Earring or a Heart of Fire.

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