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Formerly an assassin for the Boryokudan crime syndicate, Azriel Odin comes to the planet Barracus to search for his lost brother. The recent war over the Gemini system has left Barracus in a decaying state, vulnerable to corruption. Now turned cop, Azriel investigates the decrepit city under rule of the Boryokudan and tries to take the mobsters down during his search. He discovers that the rehabilitation centers once outlawed have returned during the war and tries to find out the location of one of these prisons, called Sector 7.

He always carries a gun with him and also has access to a communicator, which he can use to note names and locations and hack into terminals in order to reference this data. He also uses it as a phone to talk with certain leads and can he call his pilot, Kane Harris, whenever he's in a bind. Along the way, Azriel will also need to pick up several other items and possibly even scavenge corpses to obtain certain key elements for his investigation. Not afraid of heights, the man is also known for climbing a box or two and is frequently seen going up and down ladders.

He's voiced by Brian Silliman.

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