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Great Scot!

When you look back at the movies from the 80's,not a lot of them tend to stand out like the Back to The Future series.The great (with total disregard for laws of physics) storyline,the fine attention to detail, the memorable characters are still in many peoples eyes favourite off all time.Now with Tellatale Games on the job to expand on this universe with Marty, Doc and Einstein, can they deliver the goods? 


The good thing is that the  Bob Gale and Christopher Llyod are back in their roles, with Bob scriptwriting and Llyod as Doc.Sadly,no M.J.Fox, due to time constrains, but lucky, they've found an excellent replacement in AJ LoCascio.Both Doc and Marty sound believable, and for the most part, the supporting roles are well done.It seems that the studio has really learned from past projects, and I rank them as the best at point-and-click adventures developer today (sadly,they are only few nominees).The story itself takes place few moths after the third film, with Doc gone to live with his wife,Clara, and his sons, Jules and Verne.Marty finds out that due to the fact that Doc was not present for three months, his father has to sell off his stuff at a bank auction.While Marty tries to stop this from happening,The DeLorean shows up without Doc, but with Einstein.The rest of the stroy is for you to find out, but lets just say it is right up there with the films in wacky,mind-bending storyline. 


 Sadly,it seems that Telltale forgot to include some truly clever puzzles in this episode.Only once was a puzzle truly clever, which makes you hopeful that they make it up in the second episode.The graphical style is unique and well done, with some minor camera issues while controlling Marty in the streets of Hill Valley. 


 What BTTF: The Game lacks in challenge,it makes up for in story.You will be challenged not to play this one in one sitting (some 4-5 hours) because of the witty dialog and character interactions found in the game.Buying the whole season seems like a good choice now.

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