Back to the Future 105?

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Today was the day Episode 5 was going to come out, so I checked Steam, and the old icon for it was replaced by a blue square, and the title of the game changed to "Back to the Future 105". I checked Telltale's forums to see if anyone else had a similar problem, but it seems that everyone there bought it off Telltale's site directly. Is anyone else having this issue, or is it just in the process of being put on Steam?

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All the other episodes have taken a while to appear on Steam on the release date. If history is anything to go by, it should appear sometime in the next few hours. 
Edit: Waddayaknow, it's available on Steam now.  Let's finish this thing!

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Yep, just downloaded it. Seems to be working. I'm behind though. D:

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I seem to have hit a major bug. Went inside the Glass House room at the expo, but I cannot interact with anything. Seems I have to restart. :/

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@Aishan: I'm having the same problem.

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@mossman93: I figured it was caused by Mr. Algae cakes giving his speech triggering at the same time as I entered. I did find a work-around, the order I did the 'puzzles' in the Expo were: 
 Then I was able to solve the puzzle fine.
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@Aishan: Thanks. I'll try that. It looks like Telltale is aware of the problem and will be releasing a patch ASAP.

#8 Posted by Jedted (2680 posts) -

Just finished it, kinda wish was it bet longer given it was the final episode but hopefully they got another season planned.  The surprise ending was pretty funny and it harkens back to the end of the first movie. 
#9 Posted by Aishan (1047 posts) -
@Jedted: I loved that ending. I've got a whole bunch of screenies waiting to go into the gallery, but I want to let people see it for themselves first. :)

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