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Backyard Baseball 2001 broke ground by being the first game in the beloved series to feature major league baseball players. A streamlined batting and pitching system combined with an easy learning curve made this game accessible for all ages.

Team Selection

All 30 Major League Baseball teams are available for use. There is also a selection of the classic backyard baseball teams such as the Watermelon Heads, and the Wombats. Customizable team colors and nicknames are available for the custom teams.

MLB Players

30 MLB players were playable in this game, all in the animation form of kids. Some of them being

Manager Screen

Fictional Players

Included alongside the 30 MLB players were the original 30 characters whom were all included in the first installment of Backyard Baseball.

  1. Jocinda Smith
  2. Ronny Dobbs
  3. Mario Luna
  4. Achmed Khan
  5. Tony Delvecchio
  6. Dimitri Petrovich
  7. Gretchen Hasselhoff
  8. Lueane Lui
  9. Kimmy Eckman
  10. Ricky Johnson
  11. Annie Frazier
  12. Mikey Thomas
  13. Lisa Crocket
  14. Amir Khan
  15. Sally Dobbs
  16. Pete Wheeler
  17. Dante Robinson
  18. Vicki Kawaguchi
  19. Reese Worthington
  20. Kenny Kawaguchi
  21. Stephanie Morgan
  22. Sidney Weber
  23. Ashely Weber
  24. Angela Delvecchio
  25. Marky Dubois
  26. Pablo Sanchez
  27. Billy Jean Blackwood
  28. Jorge Garcia
  29. Ernie Steele
  30. 30. Kiesha Phillips

Create a Player

This game featured Create a Player feature, letting you decide the

  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Right or Left handed
  • Race
  • Hairstyle
  • Nickname
  • Stats of player
Create a Player

Game Types

Single Game

Able to select your difficulty level, team, and players. You pick in a dodgeball type format, back and forth.

Season Mode

Play a full 14 game season. Pick your team and whatever players you want. Also pick your home-field and difficulty level.

Online Play

The first backyard game to feature online play. Played on a closed network provided by Humongous Entertainment.

Batting Practice

Robotic pitching machine Mr. Clankey throws you fastballs, slow balls, and curve-balls. You hit them all around the field.
Club House


During the game you are rewarded both batting power-ups and pitching power-ups. To get a batting power-up you need to make a double or triple play. To get a pitching power-up you must get a strikeout with you pitcher.

Pitching Power-ups

Fire Ball
  • Big Freeze- Right when the ball gets above the strikezone, it freezes into an iceball, throwing off the batters timing.
  • Corkscrew- Does a circular spiral across to the plate. Hard to control.
  • Crazyball- As the name suggests it goes in all different directions.
  • Elevator- A pitch that on the way to the plate rides the ground, but once it reaches the plate it quickly rises to the strikezone.
  • Fireball- An extremely fast thrown pitch.
  • Slo-mo Ball- An extremely slow thrown pitch.
  • ZigZag- Does movements up and down or side to side.
  • Extra Juice- Refreshes pitches stamina.

Batting Power-ups

  • Aluminum Power- Your wood bat changes to an aluminum bat. Gives your batter unbelievable
    Crazy Bunt
  • Crazy Bunt- A bunt that goes in all different directions. The only way it can be stopped is if a player touches it, or if it hits the fence.
  • Screaming Line Drive- A lighting fast line drive that screams while in the air.
  • Undergrounder- A ball hit straight into the ground, often resulting in a ground role double.

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