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Run for Cover!

Bad Boys Miami Takedown is not a good game.  By anyones standards this is a piece of garbage.  It feels rushed even though it can out close to a year behind schedule.  Every bit of the game is unpolished and unenjoyable.  They didn't bother to get Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to do the voice overs, and the replacements they found are just horrendous.  They don't sound remotely like Markus or Mike, and it's just sad.  They spit profanity at every turn and it's just annoying to listen to.  On top of that the game is ugly,  with framerate issues, clipping, and constant crashes. Now the game is unbelievably bad, and I'm not endorsing it in any way, but to to it's credit there were a few good ideas to help set the game apart. Ideas poorly executed, but ideas none the less.  There is a cover system here, that while broken at least shows effort. There is also a good cop bad cop morality system, but it hardly effects much and it's nearly impossible to play as the good cop as the aiming mechanics make it hard to disarm rather than kill.  Bad Boys Miami Takedown is a broken game that took much longer to make than it should have. Avoid at all costs

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Yep, terrible game. I remember trying to write my name on the wall with bullet debris but they disappeared too quickly :'(

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