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A balance indicator is an on screen indication showing the player their current level of balance on an object. The indicator is usually found in extreme sports games in which players grind or manual, but has been used in other cases.

Uses in Games

Tony Hawk Series

The balance meter for grinding

In the Tony Hawk series of skateboarding games a balance indicator is used to show the players balance while performing grinds, manuals, lip tricks, ect. If the balance meter is off too much in one direction the player will crash. While in most cases the indicator is used left and right, while performing a manual the balance will be between up and down.

Saints Row Series

An example of vehicle surfing

In the Saints Row series of games (the second game onward) the balance indicator is used while the player is performing a vehicle surf. When the player jumps on a vehicle a meter will appear in which the player must keep it towards the center or the character will fall off of the car.

Shaun White Series

The meter in Shaun White Snowboarding

The balance indicator in the Shaun White series (both skateboarding and snowboarding) are used for the same purpose as the Tony Hawk series. The balance meter allows the player to try and keep their balance in both grinds and manuals.

In Shaun White Skateboarding the balance indicator is an optional meter that can be turned on by the player going into the options menu.

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