Essential Mods for Baldur's Gate

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I just finished Planescape: Torment and was planning to start Baldur's Gate next, and was looking for some mods.  
I've started it a couple times, but never gotten more than a few hours in (start of chapter 2, I think), in case that changes suggestions.
I found a site called Sorcerers, that has some mods listed.   Anyone know of other BG mods sites, or specific mods they think of as essential?

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@ChernobylCow said:
" @Garden_Ninja: Hey bud, check out my blog entry about Baldur's Gate II mods.  It has links to sites that focus on Infinity Engine games and their mods. "
Forgot to say thanks for the link when I first saw it. I have that bookmarked for when I get to BG2, and I'm reading your BG1 post now.

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