Haven't played this game. What to do?

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So, at the time this game was released my home lacked a computer but I still spent my entire allowance on gaming magazines. 
However. I've always wanted to play this game, and I made a half-hearted attempt at doing so a couple of years ago but that didn't go anywhere. 
So, is it to late for me or should I give it a try? If so, should I play it modded, which version etc? 

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I never played it either.

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too late no hope

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@hedfone said:
" too late no hope "
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@brandt: Hey, if you get this, here's what to do.
Download the game's PDF manual here. I played the game a long time ago without knowing what THAC0, lore, or "1d4" meant, but I enjoyed the series so much more once I figured them all out.
This game is extremely hard, even on the default difficulty. If you go to a difficult place too early on, you'll die. You will die several times on about 60% of your fights in this game. The 'q' button (quicksave) is your best friend. If you've never played a game like this before, I recommend starting as a Fighter. You will get a good Thief very early on, and there are several Mages at your disposal later.
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I have fond memories of BG1 in its original form. I've heard great things about a new way to play through the game using the BG2 engine, but I can't speak to that personally. Of course, if you don't have BG2 that's not an option for you. 
I'd also recommend going the fighter route to start. Magic users will get absolutely trounced in the early parts of the game--it's much different in BG2 since you start at a higher level, so magic users are more feasible. Like the above poster says, the game is HARD. It's noticeably less so in the early parts (I'd say up through Nashkel) but there are a few significant difficulty spikes in individual fights during that part of the game, so be warned. Generally, don't explore too much until you've got a few levels and some ok gear. That'll make it less likely for you to be ripped apart by hobgoblins or knolls as you get used to the game.

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@hedfone said:
" too late no hope "
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Oh well. Thanks for the answers. Will at least try to put 10 hours or so into it soon and see if there truly is no hope. 

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@hedfone said:
" too late no hope "
I wouldn't say that. Baldur's Gate is an excellent game. It just hasn't aged as well as its sequel. Also, it's pretty goddamn hard.
@brandt: If you are going to play it, I suggest getting a copy of Baldur's Gate II as well so you can install Baldur's Gate Tutu, which is a mod that allows you to play the game in the BG2 version of the engine, which tweaks the gameplay to be a little more tolerable and allows you to play in higher resolutions (consequently, I also recommend a widescreen mod.) Either way, you should get BG2 as it is awesome and totally worth playing.

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@ArbitraryWater:   AH. Thanks a lot. That really helps. At least I know what I'm looking for now. The last time I tried to play it I got the odd feeling that I just saw a small portion of the screen , like I was fully zoomed in or something, but couldn't zoom out. Will try the higher resolution plus widescreen and hope for the best. :) 
And btw, even if I find BG1 to be unplayable, could I play 2 on it's own? 
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Get BG1Tutu like ArbitraryWater said. Makes BG1 a lot more playable and you can just stick with your class from level one. I'd also use the Baldurdash tweaks and fixes for BG2, like the new vendors and so on.

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@brandt: To make the game a bit easier play as a cleric or a fighter/cleric.  You don't really get a decent cleric for a while and the healing can come in handy.  You'll want to roll your character and min max everything.  Also stick to the main roads and don't do much exploring until you have a full party or more likely until after you've reached  Nashkel. 
One other thing, in 2ed AD&D missile weapons are really powerful.  Bows get 2 attacks per round from the beginning and even other missile weapons can attack from a distance, very important and useful to disrupt enemy spell casters.  In general you want to engage melee fighters with missile weapons until they are upon you and you want to rush enemey missile users, especially ones with bows. 
One other quick tip, summoning spells (animate dead, animal summoning, monster summoning, etc) are really useful.  You'll often find yourself outnumbered and getting attacked from all sides so a bunch of extra fodder to rush enemies and to sponge off damage works really well.
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@brandt said:
" @ArbitraryWater:    And btw, even if I find BG1 to be unplayable, could I play 2 on it's own?  "
Certainly. You might have trouble getting through the initial dungeon and you might require a plot summary of the first game, but BG2 itself is significantly easier to start with because your characters are all at a high level and don't die in one hit like the first game. Plus the quests are all pretty centralized, so you don't have to wander around looking for them.
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Play it - get the Tales of the Sword coast - play that and keep your character to play BG 2 and Throne of Bhaal... 
When you are rolling your character do not settle for less than a Dexterity 18 Strength 18 roll, as the other guys said go with a fighter or fighter cleric.  If you go cleric keep some points for wisdom otherwise max out constitution.  Save, save, save.  You will die a lot in this game as it starts you as a level 1 and a sewer rat can kill you with one hit.  Worth the effor thtough - brilliant story.

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I seem to remember BG2 being easier than BG1, so weird as it may be, it might be better to start with that one anwayay.

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No - start on 1 then keep your character for 2!

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