It turns out I don't know what I'm doing.

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Recently I've been playing a lot of old rpg's, stuff like the old Final Fantasy's and Fallout, since I did well in those games I just assumed I'm awesome and could charge full speed tackling anything I wanted to!......then I downloaded the Baldur's Gates games and started getting my ass handed to me. I've tried every class and every time the result ended up the same....I died.....a lot.....quickly, there were some cases where I died with on hit on the first encounter(you know that guy that ambushes you in the house...jerk...). So after my countless times restarting  I decided to stop guesses and just ask for help. 
What I would like to know is what kind of character class should a beginner such as myself use, and what should the build be?.....Sorry to just so wimpishly ask to get handouts but I'm so demoralized... 

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I'd start with a Paladin. You get at least one healing spell at the start that you can use when things are going bad, and later on you get some more potent ones. Since you're a paladin and not a cleric or mage, you get quite the fighting/defence capability too... oh, and 'turn undead' really comes in handy later in your adventures.

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Okie doke

First up make sure any spell casters do not stray onto the front line of combat, they will die very quickly in the early game. To make up for this sorcerer/mages become immensley powerful late game.
If you are creating a tank for your main character don't bother pumping stat points into Dex, most heavy armour doesn't let you use it to imporve your THAC0. STR and CON are the ones you want.
When you first come to the character creation screen you can reroll your stats, do it! If you are fairly patient you can usually get more stat points which is very good!
Mages use intelligence for their spell progression but sorcerers use charisma, so max them out depending on which class you are.
Resting restores spells and health, this is useful.
Further to the paladin suggestion the barbarian class has the most hit points, if i remember correctly, and has the rage ability which makes them very formidable (It also makes them immune to imprisonment which is useful if you are a good character in a later sidequest)
If you are really having major issues then you can make the game a bit easier on yourself by making your party wait in a safe room and just send one characther out to lure one or two enemies into a trap. 
When your spellcasters can throw fireballs It can be a good idea just to open doors and chuck in a few to kill off the weaker enemies, it will also draw in anything that survived albeit with a lot less health.
Enemies of course have various element types, so a selection of elemental spells are usefull as they do more damage against their opposite types.
Clerics can resurrect fallen party members eventually, very useful.

Hope this helps, if remeber anything else i'll add it later.

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@halim51: Some of the stuff by Bogitt only appleis if you use a patch toget BG2 rules in place. 
As for starting out, Paladin is OK but does restrict your alingment and since many of the high level 2ed AD&D Paladin abilities don't transfer to the game (warhorse, followers) they are often surpased by mid game.  A cleric is helpful for healing and undead turning and you haev a lack of decent clerics for a while in the game.  A dwarven fighter/cleric isn't a bad option. 
If you are not familiar with 2nd ed AD&D avoid a mage since you have to be really careful to keep one alive in the beginning.  And especially avoid specializing your mage.  Druid are also somewhat limited since like Paladins many of their abilities just don't transfer. 
Missile weapons are very powerful, especially bows.  Any type of hit will disrupt spellcasting and since mages tend to be big damage dealers this is important.  It also allows you to do damage while enemies move to close.  Bows give you 2 attacks per round to start which is ahuge amount since pure fighters won't get that with melee weapons for a while and non fighter classes never do. 
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@endaround: Interesting, i haven't played this game in a long while - what ruleset does it use without this patch?
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Or you could turn down the difficulty and play around without worrying about everything killing you until you figure out the game.

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I've tried playing BG and such games as well, but I'm afraid any RPG where you can only cast one spell and then have to sleep is just to hardcore. I prefer the simple mana system which is why KotOR was the first Bioware game I could play. I might to a little better these days after having played Dragon Age, but BG is still so much more hardcore in every way. I don't get RPGs where you have to rest after every fight and of course you can be attacked while resting and that is pretty much instant death since you rested because you needed health and such back before another fight.

The only tip I can give is to not run into every mob of enemies you see. Unlike most games the enemies are not always tuned to what you can handle at that point in the game, even early on there are enemies that are simply too powerful to defeat so all you can do is avoid them, I hate that since I like to clean every place of enemies before moving on in games (which is part of the reason I suck at the old Resident Evil games as well and run out of bullets almost right away).

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@Bogitt said:
@endaround: Interesting, i haven't played this game in a long while - what ruleset does it use without this patch?
Its vanilla 2nd ed AD&D, ie no sorcerers or barbarians.

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