Theives' Maze -- so effing lazy

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So I finally finished Baldur's Gate for the first time last night after owning it for years and enduring multiple restarts due to my impatience with the game, forgetting what was going on, and then coming back to it only to have forgotten everything there was to it.
That effing Theives' Maze was such a lazy, tedious map. It's like a level designer took the most marginally functional and unenjoyable aspect of the game -- pathfinding -- and decided to torture the player with it one last time before the unsatisfying final battle.
And I walked through it twice because I decided to go back for the golden pantaloons. Fuckers.

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Yeah. I don't have the amazing love for this series some people do. Misc was great in the second one, but mechanically? What a mess. And yeah, the level design.

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