So is it Namco Bandai, Bandai Namco, or both?

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The wiki page lists the company as Namco Bandai but during loading screens or wherever it says"Bandai Namco". Is this just a styling thing? Am I supposed to read the bottom first when looking at their logo?

I know its a dumb, trivial thing but I just always wondered.

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I believe it's Bandai Namco in Japan and Namco Bandai everywhere else. Yeah, it's stupid.

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@jjor64: thanks. that's what I was thinking when searching through google. It seems there japanese website is Bandai Namco.

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Yep it's Bandai Namco in Japan and Namco Bandai everywhere else. Turns out that when they merged Bandai had a stronger brand in Japan so they got top billing there, while Namco had a stronger brand in the west so they got top billing everywhere else.

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Bancai Namdo

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You're forgetting Namcot :P

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Bando Namcai

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Banco suivi!

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