Anyone tried the co-op?

#1 Posted by smackifilia (73 posts) -

I'd love to know how it is.   The demo is batshit-insane.  

#2 Posted by Needle (65 posts) -

I managed to jump in a co-op game this morning and it was laggy as hell. Most other accounts I've heard from other users is that it's pretty much always laggy. Too bad, really. I'll keep trying and hopefully I'll find a good match.

#3 Posted by kitsunezeta (69 posts) -

I have had two different co-op matches so far - the first was actually stable (minus slowdown from the both of us using 4X counters, but that's expectable), the second, however, was pretty laggy. I suspect it's partially network-related (I'm in a different town while my mother's undergoing surgery, and I rarely get NAT issues with the 360 back home).

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