This looks awesome

#1 Posted by SpiralStairs (1007 posts) -

I played Bangai-O on the DS and It's one of my favorite games on that system. Now they're making a new Bangai-o game for the 360.
The graphics looks great, and it probably won't lag even when the screen is full of enemy projectiles like the DS version did.
Anyone else think this looks cool?

#2 Posted by the_messenger (19 posts) -

Saw that last night, and I concur.  Should be super fast paced and insane!

#3 Posted by SpiralStairs (1007 posts) -
@the_messenger:  Cool, I'm glad to see at least one other person is interested in it :D
#4 Posted by Sylinder (77 posts) -

Game of the year!


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