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208823 schrodingers Game Overview 12/03/15 09:17AM 10 Approved
208822 schrodingers Game Overview 12/03/15 09:15AM 2 Approved
208820 schrodingers Game Overview Added prehistoric tag 12/03/15 09:13AM 2 Approved
90524 expensiveham Game Overview 02/27/14 05:36AM 62 Approved
90488 Daveyo520 Game Overview 02/26/14 11:25PM 3 Approved
90318 kwyee Game Overview 02/26/14 03:21AM 97 Approved
89099 Majkiboy Game Overview Came out today, so I figured I would make a small change to the description. 02/18/14 03:36AM 2 Approved
87560 DaBuddaDa New Release 02/07/14 06:17PM 7 Approved
81409 garion333 Game Overview First release date had 2013 instead of 2014, which is the correct date for release. 01/14/14 02:19PM 16 Approved
80377 Dushanan Game Overview updated release date for Banished 01/10/14 09:10PM 16 Approved
74374 EvilKatarn Game Overview 12/11/13 12:50PM 16 Approved
64056 deactivated-5795208dd66f3 Game Overview 10/18/13 06:45PM 15 Approved
16103 Savage Game Overview tweaked release date, Blurb, and general grammar, and added many gameplay details to Overview 03/22/13 02:43PM 51 Approved
16102 Savage Game Overview added Overview, some Game Details, and created new indie developer Shining Rock Software 03/22/13 02:30PM 151 Approved
16092 Savage Game Overview A new indie game from an experienced former console developer. The game is intended to be released for sale once it's done and shows a high degree of polish and depth, especially for an indie game. 03/22/13 02:05PM 10 Approved

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