Get yo Banjo on fo 20 bones!

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Buy it, you won't regret it, I guarantee!

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Yeah, dude. Listen to the 2 guys with the Banjo-Kazooie avatars. We wouldn't mislead you.

Haha, really, though. This game was a steal at $40. You'd be crazy to pass it up at $20. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is one of the best and most innovative games of 2008.

#4 Posted by KingOfIceland (673 posts) -

I echo those sentiments, game's hella radical. GO BUY

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Great deal, they had a similar deal a week or two right after it was released (shame on anyone who didn't get it then). it's just frustrating at times, building vehicles can get tedious, and around 40-50 Jiggys the enjoyment I was having just kind of dissipated but it's a good game overall. I recommend it at this price

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Easily my #2 game of last year =) Go buy it now!

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While building vehicles does get tedious, I've found that to remedy that problem is instead of trying to create a new vehicle for each objective you have, it is best to just try and create a few really good vehicles that are capable of many tasks. If you're able to do that well enough, you may find that you can complete most missions just by choosing from a small handful of vehicles you've made. If they don't quite suit your needs, maybe you'll need to modify one of them a little. Like, I designed one strong, heavy, stable vehicle that was ideal for pushing or knocking things over, and worked in nearly every jingo battle I came across. I had one primary racing vehicle that was equipped to race on land, sea, or air. Focusing on certain, broad tasks when building vehicles definitely limited the amount of time I spent creating them and allowed me to have more time to focus on actually playing the game. Though, you will probably find that making such universal vehicles might not actually be so easy.

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Plus, this is a game you can put aside for some time and come back to without any problem at all.
  I'd played it for good while until I just could not deal with it any longer, and I was unable to get myself to put in any effort into making vehicles. So I put it aside, played something else for a good few weeks, and when I came back I burned through a ton of challenges in no time and had a blast.

So if you feel like you've had enough with the game just take a small break, especially if you're going for the "Jiggiljonaire" 'cheevement, it did wonders for me atleast

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I played this game with a very stubborn mindset.  If the vehicle I ccreated the first time wouldn't work I would simply modify it slighty until I got the trophy.  It was awesome what I managed to pull off in this system.  

My favorite was the Gun Turret I created that I had to modify to be able to move around the map.  I threw a couple of folding propellers on it and passed the challenge with flying colours.

Awesome game.  Buy it people!
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This game looks so good in HD.

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I just saw this now and find it absolutely ridiculous. I would have gladly paid $60 for this game and they just seem to keep giving it away. There's no reason why everyone shouldn't buy this game right now...that is one hell of a steal!

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its like practically getting this game for free. i wish my friends weren't so closed minded. everybody should be getting this game.

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I loved this game, and it is much more kid friendly than Viva Piniata.

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Great Price for a great game

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Use the money you save and get Banjo on XBL live as well :)

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Buy Banjo, you klods! Klungo wills it!

#17 Posted by Linkyshinks (11407 posts) -

I hope the follow suit on the UK version.

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I've been looking at it all day, just trying to figure out what filler item to add to get free shipping. I finally decided on some rechargable AAAs, because looking at my wireless keyboard battery light flashing red every two seconds is starting to get worrisome. Of course, none of this will ship until the beginning of next week, and then Amazons free ship is sllllooowwwww... Plus, my 360 is currently on its way to heaven, and it will probably be a month before repair/replacment is done and I have it back.

But it'll be worth it. I missed out on the cheap deal months ago, and I've been wanting to play Nuts & Bolts pretty badly.

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I played it and sadly I lost interest... may the game rest in peace in some other person's loving hands.

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