The "Saucer of Peril Returns" task

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I am so close to getting all of the Jiggies and achievements in this game, I need 2 Jigges I need to get 2 more trophies so I need to beat this last task, this is the only task that I have not gotten a Jiggy on, so any advice/ tips for this challenge? my highest so far is 323 points.

This is the challenge at the top of "Terrarium of Terror" Act 2 and is the rail shooter with the ballons you have to shoot
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I really don't know man. The rail shooting controls suck donkey balls. Did you view the top videos?

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Jayge said:
"I really don't know man. The rail shooting controls suck donkey balls. Did you view the top videos?"
Yea, they aren't that great for this task because they only show a 3rd person view of the vehicle as the guy is shooting
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I remeber being one point away from the trophy in this... my suggestion would be dont concentrate on the high scoring targets so much that youre trying to hit the same on forever whilst countless lower scoring ones pass by

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1. Hold down the firing button, don't try to press it faster it don't work

2. Aim for the high scorers
3. Play through it heaps, so you'll know where to start shooting before they show you
4. This is the crappest challenge in the game, sorry, aiming reticule controls are terrible.

It's the one challenge I elected to not do a trophy on, since you need all but 1 trophy for all the jiggies. This is the first game I ever 1000-pointed, very proud of myself.
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I just done it!

I didn't realise that you shot so fast just by holding the button...

Now I need 2 more trophies I need to decide between this task, the last Grunty task in spiral mountain and/or the Logs choice one where you have to shoot the germs down to smaller ones in that vehicle that is almost impossible to control to the achievement

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If you're stuck, watch the videos in the leader boards. Exit a challenge, go to leader boards, check out the #1 time. On most LOG's choice challenges they modify the vehicle. Or, there'll be a mumbo parts box around to make the vehicle better!

I think I did something with the jets in that one.

As for the last grunty task, toooo easy. I made a brick with jet engines pointing up, had 2 torpediles and three clockwork kaz's, and an lasers! Fill it with ammo and just blast everything to hell.
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I've been stuck on this one too man I was 10 points away from getting the jiggy and then it was all over! I'm not even gonna bother with the trophy for this one since you can skip one trophy to get all the jiggies

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