Wacha buildin'?

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Since I know there is sudden infatuation with N&B right now I was wondering what everyone was buildling at the moment. I currently working on three different things, all of which are WWII vehicles. A German Panzer IV, some kind of bomber, Stuka dive bomber. I may pass out some blueprint if I think they are worthy of sharing.

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I usually try to create a train ,but half an hour later I find myself creating  something that is just Jets,engines,wings, and flamethrowers.

#4 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -

I made a pod racer.

I was trying to make a robot, but my plan for motorized legs went horribly wrong but out of that came the inspiration for a pod racer.

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haven't played it in a month but last thing I was working on was a pimped out UFO.

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