What really brings this game down

#1 Posted by Fallen189 (5299 posts) -

It controls like absolute shit all the time.
Has anyone else had this problem, where you hit ONE PIXEL and you just go flying/tipped upside down/explode/passengers fall out?
I mean fuck me, I can't turn my TROLLEY without it flipping upside down

#2 Posted by Funky_Clunk (22 posts) -

What really brought the game down for me was that i pkayed it quite a bit when i first got it.

Now i really dont want to go back to it. But then thats not really the games fault is it?

#3 Edited by TwoLines (2999 posts) -

Had a few problems with the controlls, nothing too serious though..
At least- I don't remember any major problems.

#4 Posted by kmdrkul (3499 posts) -

I still like going back to this game and making ridiculously stupid vehicles.  Really the only thing I didn't like about the controls would be how the thing you have to drive around town was so squirrely at first.  But even then, I got used to that... haven't noticed any major control issues.

#5 Posted by GunstarRed (5763 posts) -

I think if you play it for  quite a long time you will get used to them, Its fiddly to begin  and sometimes in the actual stage parts youre better off modifying some of the pre-made blueprints as they often seem to handle a lot better than anything you could make without a lot of planning and messing about with it's shape/size. 
it also helps to break the game by getting some of the better parts early on...use the big statue down one of the side streets in showdown town  to jump on andget access to the upper part of the town and youll have a b unch of parts that make your vehicles run a lot better. 
#6 Posted by CarpetRemnant (392 posts) -

I think how good the controls are relates, a lot of the time, to how good your designs are. Though I agree sometimes it did SUCK MASSIVE BALLS that I would fail stuff, particularly the ones where it forces you to use a specific vehicle, due to control issues. Though then when I'd go back and try them again a while later having mastered the controls I could generally ace it.
I loved that game.

#7 Posted by Fallen189 (5299 posts) -

Trying to beat Grunty at the end is a fucking nightmare. The stealth one is awful

#8 Posted by Fallen189 (5299 posts) -

Actually, never mind.
I got to the final grunty race, and now my disk is unreadable.

#9 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

Maybe I should play this more but I did find the controls annoying, yes. They were very loose and too "physics-y" for me.

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