Why Did RARE rape Banjo?

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 seriously whats up with that ? They had all the hype of a new banjo game that we all thought was going to be banjo 3e  but instead we got nuts and bolts.....seriously? Whats the story did they make it a lego cart racer to piss of the fans out of hatred? if anyone knows why the hell we have a stupidass cart game instead of a adass banjo platformer  PLEASE INFORM ME WHY DID RARE DO THS TO THE BANJO SERIES???? also any news of a new banjo would be nice to hear about.

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Okay maybe I'll take your point seriously when you can actually articulate yourself in a manner that makes sense. 
Shit, Nuts and Bolts is amazing. The banjo style of platformer has really died out this day and age. The mechanics are totally played out and don't hold as well for a full retail package. Nuts and Bolts is an incredibly sharply designed game, and more than just a kart racer. It was a great move on rare's part.

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ratchet and clank, and  Nuts and Bolts
sold like shit.
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Nuts & Bolts is amazing.
I for one am glad that Rare's not livin in the past like a lot of their "fans".

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Yet critically, they performed swimmingly.  
@ProfessorEss: Yeah, that's something Rare fans gotta do. Move on. I mean, I the biggest Banjo fan I know personally (the devotion is scary sometimes) loves this game to death. And rightfully so. It pays proper homage to it's legacy while still coming up with fresh new ideas, instead of rehashing old ones. There was a time when Banjo Threeie would be okay, but they missed their mark on that one, which I'm glad they didn'T just push on with it. The time of that game has ended. 
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I wish Nuts & Bolts was called Banjo 3

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Nuts & Bolts is an amazing game. Far better than a platformer sequel would have been. I liked Banjo Kazooie & Banjo Tooie. They were good games. But Nuts & Bolts is an amazing game. It was my game of the year 2008, and it's one of my favourite games of all time.
Forget that it's not the game you wanted it to be. Forget that you wanted it to be a traditional platformer. Look at it as the game that it is - A fantastically original vehicular platformer that is brilliantly fun.

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Wow, what a load of bile spewed against a very solid platformer.  Take a deep breath, count to ten, read up on sentence construction, and THEN post.

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I mean you still collect jiggies, the base mechanics are there, the only thing is that the platforming is vehicle focused. Rare invented vehicular platformers, so boom. They innovate, dawg.

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It may not be a platformer, but it's a hell of a lot better than Banjo-Tooie, and just about on the same level as the original Banjo-Kazooie. Nuts and Bolts is one of the best games I've played this gen.

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Because Banjo is a fine bear, and RARE likes shagging animals?

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Because he was asking for it, the fucking little cocktease...

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Nuts and Bolts, GB's 2008 best Xbox 360 game. It was a freakin fantastic game. Try playing it for an hour or two before you bash it.

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One of the best and most unique games to come out in years. If this guy wants to write it off, let him. His loss. 

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Because they didn't want to rape their greatest game, which is Conker's bad fur day!

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@garc4475:  people like you are the reason that the industry is afraid to try new things with old franchises... 
...you are my mortal enemy..
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Well...if by Rape you mean make the best Banjo game in the series then yes Rare raped Banjo Hard.

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Fine, I'll speak up.
I would've preferred a platformer.

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Nuts & Bolts was fucking amazing.

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I didn't like it but I understand why a lot of people do, saying they raped it is just pretty silly. It just suffers from that thing tons of other franchises do: every time the developer tries something new with a series "fans" shit all over it before it is even released, they won't even give it a chance. It's quite stupid really.

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yeah nuts and bolts sucked big time.  
the old school banjo on 64 was fantastic. one of the best platformers ever. 

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I disagree completely, Nuts & bolts were awesome.

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i just hate it when reviewers get all wrapped up in something like a creation system, and forget that even though it might be really creative and easy to use, it doesn't make a great game. and in nuts and bolts case, i found myself using the same couple designs to beat everything, and then hald the time shit just got frustrating. 

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As someone that absolutely hates the two N64 games but  adores every single part of N&B I think Rare got it 100% correct, the game is most definately a platformer, A unique and bizarre one but still very much a platformer. 
Very few games I can think of give you the option to break their mission structure like N&B does, in fact I would actually go as far as to say that they encourage it.  The writing is sharp...it looks as gorgeous as any  Ratchet & Clank game... so what really is the problem?
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Dude... Nuts and Bolts is probably the best Banjo game ever.

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How did they rape it? It still has all the great humor and characters. They just mixed up the gameplay and changed it to keep it fresh and interesting.
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They reinvented the franchise so the new game would not fail as another generic open-worldy platformer like Crash and Sonic do?

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I have just belatedly picked this up, and it has me hooked. It does have it's flaws (the physics aren't totally convincing in certain situations), but largely I think it's a triumph of originality. 
While I can see why some were disappointed, Isn't it noticeable that the advocates are the ones leaving cogent considered appraisal, while the critics are those using caps, exclaimation marks and swearing? 
Says something about certain parts of the video game market - you're never going to please everyone.

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nuts and bolts is the best banjo kazooie game

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If you see the game as simply a "kart racer" then you obviously haven't played the game. It's so much more than that.

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nuts and bolts was tits, whereas regular banjo games were a significantly less erotic body part.

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