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Bao-Dur was a Zabrak engineer who fought in the Mandalorian Wars alongside Revan and the Jedi Exile. He has a small remote, similar to the one Luke Skywalker uses for Lightsaber practice in the original Star Wars that follows him around and assists him in combat and on repairs.  Bao-Dur designed the Mass-Shadow generator that crushed the surface of Malachor V during the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars. He lost an arm in the war, but designed his own artificial arm, which makes him a serious contender in combat. Bao-dur has a deep-rooted resentment of Mandalorians ever since the war, which makes his relationship with Canderous Ordo very strained, with the two only tolerating each other by their mutual compaionship with the Exile. Bao-Dur has been working on the Telosian Restoration Project ever since the Mandalorian War. It is on the surface of Telos that Bao-Dur once again encounters the Jedi Exile, who has crash-landed on the surface. He decides to rejoin the Exile on her quest, and is a party member from then on. Bao-Dur can be influenced by Light-Side actions and is trainable as a Jedi Guardian if the player gains enough influence with him and initiates the right dialogue trees.

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