President Barack Obama caught wearing pink panties!!

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No, not really. But he is featured in the first trailer for the next Rabbids game, which is a Wii exclusive. The game's called Rabbids Go Home, and features the Rabbids building a giant pile of shit that reaches the moon. You know, where the Rabbids come from.

There's two things I love about this game. First, there is NO Rayman in this game, which is great, because this new art style and setting would make Rayman seem really awkward amoung it. And second, The title is Rabbids Go Home, and hopefully this game will be the last in the series, and we can see a proper sequal to the excellant Rayman 2, and the still pretty-cool Rayman 3.

Oh, the screenshot. Here. You know, I love classic Rayman, and I hope to see more in the future, don't you?


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Uh huh...

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I should probably embed that trailer, eh?

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Pretty damn good trailer. Lookin' good Obama.

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