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Barbie Super Model concerns Barbie's attempts at being a super model. Mostly, it consists of her daydreaming and avoiding obstacles while also trying to look good and perfect her routine. The game features multiple stages filled with mini-games. At the mid-point of each stage, the player practices a catwalk routine, and then must replicate the same routine at the end of each stage.

The game has two difficulty levels: Junior Model (Easy) and Super Model (Hard).

Short-lived developers Tahoe Software Productions created the game for the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis and PC DOS. A Sega Game Gear version was planned but canceled mid-development.


Barbie Super Model consists of very linear stages. It has four stages in total:

Driving Stage

This stage features Barbie driving a pink car and having to avoid other cars, who are driving quite dangerously.

Rollerskating Stage

This stage requires Barbie avoid other people and birds.

Cycling Stage

This stage features Barbie on a bicycle. She has to avoid birds and frisbees.

Hiking Stage

This stage features Barbie hiking through snow. She must avoid people towing sleds, icy patches on the ground and snowballs.


Each stage consists of the same three mini-games. These are:

Body Magazine Cover

Here, the player has to match Barbie's clothes to those shown on the magazine color. Barbie has a vast wardrobe, and the player is also expected to manually change colors if needed.

Catwalk Practice

Before turning around and going back the other way on every stage, the player is told a sequence of buttons to press to make up Barbie's modelling routine. They can practice it as many times as they like, but they need to memorize the buttons for later.

Face Magazine Cover

This is similar to the first mini-game, except the magazine cover shows Barbie's face instead. The player must match Barbie's accessories and make up to resemble her cover shot on the magazine.

At the end of each level, the catwalk practice sequence is then used again, this time without prompts. The player must do the same sequence again from memory.

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