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Barie is a platformer by Imagineering and published by High tech expressions in 1991 for the NES. The game happens when Barbie is asleep, it is up to the player to guide her through her obstacle filled dream worlds.


Barbie is reading a fairly tale about mermaids in her bed. Once she is done reading it she comment on how great of a story it is but then remembers what a busy day she has planned for tomorrow, lunch at the soda shop, going swimming at the beach, meeting Ken at the party but that she first has to go to the mall to pick up a new outfit... Barbie then dozes of and the begins.


The main goal in Barbie is like most platformers to get from point A to point B while avoiding hazards and enemies. Barbie can throw jewels (?) to defend herself and jump over obstacles, the amount of time the button is pressed for and action determines how far she will throw or jump.

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