I just finished this gem of game!

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Hey guys
I heard about this game a week ago, (oddly enough through watching some old stuff that Mr. Davis did for Gamespot) and I am wondering if anyone else has played this hilarious and surprisingly well made game. It's basically a snes era jrpg, but it makes it a point to lampoon as well as pay homage to many aspects of the genre (as well as just being damn funny within the story and interactions with non player characters). High points for me were..... Finding out just what a "Chaos Dunk" is, The Final Boss, The weaboo save points that constantly deride your inferior taste in games because it assumes you only play Quake or Madden, and so much more. This game will literally make you laugh out loud, at least it did for me. Plus, the music is good! 
It's not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but for a freeware pc game made by like two dudes you literally cannot complain!

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oh man I totally forgot about that game, I should really finish it

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@Laketown:  Dude, you really should. It's a relatively short game, but it's so worth it. What made you stop playing?
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I've read that Chef Boyardee, the game's creator, is considering putting up a Kickstarter to fund a sequel.

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The fact that this game used the Blue Dragon OST to better effect than Blue Dragon did amazes me.

Also, Space Jam is canon.

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I started playing it back when it came out but never came close to finishing it. I would highly recommend anyone play it for the humor alone, everything in the game is very well done. I think it was originally meant to be a trilogy, so hopefully that/those guy(s) make more in the future.

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