Sequel announced

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Oh man. I still remember when I first saw and heard of this game. It was an episode of On The Spot and I vividly recall Rich Gallup and Jeff being stoked. Fun times.

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get hyped.

Also there better be some gat damn chaos dunks up in here.

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This is unpossible!!!

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In your face, Bloodmoses! Time for my first ever kick starter donation.

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The year is 2054

Basketball is still dead

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The original is sitting on my desktop just waiting to finally be played. This sequel is irresistible after reading this: "Only the arcane wisdom of the otherworldly slam scholar Cyberdwarf can reclaim his lost memories… and lost b-ball powers. But first, X114JAM9 must evade the sinister grasp of the malevolent A.I. Cuchulainn, his would-be captor and the ancient nemesis of all ballers, hoopsters, slammers and jammers."

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November 12, 2012: One of the most momentous days in history. WHERE WERE YOU?

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I am incredibly excited for this (assuming it's going to actually happen). I legitimately think Barkley is one of the best JRPGs ever made, despite the faux-J. I will definitely donate to the kickstarter.

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This may well be the first Kickstarter that I actually contribute money to. I only just finally got around to playing the original game last year and found it surprisingly refreshing considering the scope and overall freeware nature of it all. I would be most happy to have more adventures with cyberdwarves and weeaboo gas pumps.

And I mean, hell, our President endorsed it, too. "The Post-Cyberpocalypse has never looked so grim… or so beautiful. Barkley 2 is the first game to make me question if vidcons have the capacity to be art." Here here!

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Where in the world is

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Also, come on and slam and welcome to the jam!


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