Sequel kickstarter is now live!

#3 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -

slam bam thank you ma'am

#4 Posted by ThunderSlash (2476 posts) -

Oh god that Cyberdwarf Body Pillow

#5 Posted by Levius (1330 posts) -

Well I've backed it. Mainly I just want to see what Kickstarter is all about and this is the game the gaming world needs.

#6 Posted by BBAlpert (1886 posts) -

Man, that first game was real damn good. Like, way better than it had any right or reason to be.

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I think this handy chart should tell you everything you need to know about the philosophy behind the game, and whether it is for you.

Edit: Jesus Christ, how great is their $1000 reward tier?

Pledge $1,000 or more

1 backer. Sold out.

Pose as Tales of Game's during an interview + all previous rewards. Being a prestigious edutainment vidcon corporation, Tales of Game's is often interviewed by the gaming media. At the $1000 reward tier, you will impersonate us during an interview - if the interview is through email, we will redirect all questions to you and if it is in person, you will pose as a member of the Tales of Game's team. Answer questions however you want, make things up, ruin our reputation, throw your feces, have a blast! We will not announce the switch before or after - it is a secret! Go nuts!

And they added a joke reward tier after that, and it's also pretty good.

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This is the first Kickstarter project I've ever backed. I was only able to throw $10 at it, but my love for the original game knows no bounds and I feel that this is a sequel that probably deserves to exist. I like that the proposal video also has the final boss music from the original game in it. I always thought it was pretty classy for what it was.

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ohhhhh snap. Now if they make a sewer goblet sequel, I'll be as giddy as a schoolboy!

#10 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -

@Pepsiman: pretty sure it's not hte final boss music, it's just the regular boss music (whose track title is jonathan taylor thomas ofc)

#11 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12989 posts) -

I was sold at "Body Pillow"

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Didn't Barkley die at the end of the first game because he had to perform the forbidden dunk to save us all from our basketball sins?

#13 Posted by Pepsiman (2770 posts) -

@Animasta: Yeah, I just noticed the mistake myself a little while ago. I HAVE NO REGRETS POSTING BARKLEY MUSIC, THOUGH.

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Tsundere body pillow...not sure if want

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It got funded! the creator was really surprised it didn't take long, which ya know I probably coulda told him.

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a bump, but the producer posted an image of the cyberdwarf body pillow... not that you'd like to see it or anything... b- baka

#18 Posted by DocHaus (1770 posts) -

@EXTomar: Barkley died to save us all, but his son Hoopz lives on in this game. OR DID HE?

I tossed them a few Neo Shekels myself, as I'm legit excited for this game. In (not-Neo) Shekels it came to about 57.31.

All you cheapskates out there, pre-order this fucking game through the kickstarter. The original is still free for PC or Mac if you need to make up your minds. Slam with the best, or jam with the rest.

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