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Baseball uses six buttons as well as the standard microvision paddle controller.


  • Players - Switch between one or two players, only used before the start of the game
  • Skill Level - Switch between level 1 and 2; only used before the start of the game
  • Go - Used to let the CPU know you are ready for the next inning to start
  • Count - Pauses the game and displays current balls,strikes as well as outs and inning
  • Score - Pauses the game and displays the current score. If in one player mode. Only the left side is displayed.
  • Reset - Starts a new game and resets the innings and score to zero.


The microvision paddle is used to swing the ball and hopefully make contact with the ball.


The game contained a little 3 beep melody when you start the game and a two tone beeps for every out that sounded like it was laughing at you; single beep for a every hit. It might be a handheld but the sound effects were on par with home consoles around this time.



There is two different skill levels, 1 an 2. Skill level 2 involved crazier curves than level one. Besides the skill levels there is an option for one or two players. If playing in two players mode, you pass the system around when your team is up to bat.


This game is offense only. The fielders are printed on the overlay so they don't move at all. If the ball is hit and lands in these fielder 'zones' it is was an out.


You only control the batter and you turn the controller's dial to do the swing. The timing of the hit controls the speed and direction of the ball. There is no control of the base runners. If you want the player on first to score you need to continue to make hits. There is something to be said about quick gameplay fits perfect on handheld's.

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