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Character Biography

Bastille was born into captivity during a time of political crisis, his parents both being prisoners. His family was later released once the turmoil died down and the political influence shifted. The world he grew up on was filled with criminals and black marketeers, and he learned all of the basics of medicine and wound treatment hands-on. He also, informally, took away a lot of academic level education from his time spent in prison, as it was filled with numerous authors, philosophers, poets, and educators. Bastille's childhood taught him to naturally be suspicious of others and to only truly rely on himself, but that doesn't stop him from being an excellent combat medic.
In-game, Bastille is proficient in the way he is described, as a combat medic. He is very good at general healing, but lacks the ability to efficiently deal with the parasitic infestations that can affect the players. Although he is not totally useless when removing infestations, the other medic, Faith, is better suited for the task. What Bastille lacks in healing capability, he makes up for in combat prowess. He can effectively deal out a good amount of damage and provide cover support for his allies if the task requires it. He also has a proficiency in the application of combat drugs, such as adrenaline, which can be useful in giving the squad more time to assess and react to combat situations. Bastille is best suited for players who wish to provide some healing support to the squad while still engaging in a lot of combat. Although, he might not be the best choice in levels that contain a lot of parasites.

In-game Stats

Healing 4/5 
Infestation Curing 1/3 
Damage Bonus 3/5 
Reload Speed Bonus 3/5
Combat Drugs 3/5

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