Bastion (Merchandise) Sale, Duders!

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If you're like me, you like dumb shit related to cool things and you like to buy said dumb shit. Others like it when there's cool shit to buy.

Well, fortunately for all of you Supergiant Games is currently running a 20% off sale on ALL Merch on their store (link). I never got around to buying a physical copy of the soundtrack, a t-shirt, or a bandana but the option is there for duders and duderettes looking out for cool Holiday sales. The sale lasts until the end of the year, so even if you have to wait for some X-mas gift cards or a more financially stable week, but still want a $116 bundle of everything on the store for $90, you're good.

Plus, they've got a rad Scumbag plushie! Who doesn't love a Scumbag?

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I bought the signed art prints because I'm a sucker.

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That humble indie bundle poster looks pretty rad.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

@SirOptimusPrime said:

Plus, they've got a rad Scumbag plushie! Who doesn't love a Scumbag?

Edit. I ordered it.....

Hell yeah! Going to be the best Xmas present ever!

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I received my Scumbag plushie the other day, and can confirm it is the most awesomely adorable thing ever.

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Forget plush scumbags, I want a real plush pyth:

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