Bastion sheet music (Guitar and Piano) available free

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Great find!


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This is great, and I feel ungrateful, would really have preferred some other tracks :3

But still - Thanks for sharing the find!

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Sometimes I really wish I had taken a couple more years of piano lessons. I'm sure I can eventually learn these, but I'm going to have to practice for a few hours per song. Thanks for the link!

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Yes! Screw studying for entrance exams and watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run, I'm going to play my piano instead!

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Awesome! I bought the OST and I love them, Supergiant are great for offering this for free ;D

Thanks for the info duder.

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Aw sweet!

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Never knew about this. Thread-necroing spambots are good for something after all.

Can't wait to butcher these songs on my guitar in the hopes of vaguely sounding like something resembling music. :D

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